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Alexander Scale Models provides quality white metal detail parts
Primarily in HO scale & some in N scale
We are also starting to bring out some of the structure kits
 Structures ..
HO #A-7200
100 Ton Fairbanks Morse Coaling Station.
kit is made with laser cut wood and cardstock parts and metal castings
The models footprint is 7" wide, 3" deep,
and 8 1/5" tall
The prototype was built for the Michigan Central Railroad in 1918 and stood in the yards at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
HO #A-7345
CB&Q Water Tank
As the RR pushed westward water was not
always readily accessable for the trains,
therfore,deep wells were dug. The water was
then stored in large tanks mounted high on a
supporting structure to enable easy & rapid
transfer into the tenders of wver-thirsty iron

Tanks were usually spotted along the right-
of-way at fifteen to thirty mile intervals,and
by virture of their size, often dominated the
cluster of one-story, frame buildings that
comprised the small prairie town of the West
and Midwest,"Tank town,""jerkwater" and
"water stop,"names remaining in our
languuage today, had their origin in the days
when the railroad not only sustained but often
gave birth to communities along the line
The models footprint is 3 5/8 X 4 1/8 inches
and 6 3/8 inches tall.The prototype of this
model was located at London Mills, Illinois.
HO #A-7443
Oil Tank & Rack
This kit is a model of what was typicaly found in
shallow fields in nearly every state. Actually the
units deal only with the collection and shipment
of the bulk crude, and are not necessarily to be
found within several Miles of any wells. (since the
tank itself is often some distance from the
tracks,such an installation is ideally suited to the
space limitations of a model railraod.)

The large storage tank is filled by a pipeline
carrying crude oil pumped from a number of
producing wells in the area. The oil in turn is then
pumped from the tank to the loading rack where
it is delivered to waiting tank cars.

Although various standardized sectional loading
racks are available and commonly used
throughout the industry, the frame of the modeled
prototype was built "on the spot"from welded
lengths of three and four inch pipes. The walkway
and stairs are made of wood. The loading pipes
are equipped at the top with two swivel fittings
permitting the pipe to be turned in any
direction.During the actual operation of filling a
car, a six or seven foot length of ordinary
downspout is slipped over the movable end of the
loading pipe to extend into the tank car

The models footprint is 9" wide,6" deep and 3"tall.
HO #A-7444
Oil Tank
This is the tank in kit A-7443 by itself.

The models footprint is 4" in diametor
and 3" tall
HO #A-7445
Loading Rack & Shed
This is the Rack & Shed in kit A-7543.
The footprint of the rack is 9" wide, 1" deep and
2 3/4" tall.
The Shed is 1 3/4" wide, 1" deep and 1 1/2" tall.
HO #A-7488
Oil Drilling Derrick
This kit models a typical shallow field drilling rig
used in large numbers across the country in the
1930's and 40's. The welded steel towers, which
replaced the wooden ones of earlier days, were
cheap and easy to build, and were often left
standing on the spot when a well was completed.
Tool housed and draw works sheds, however,
were usuallly disassembled or simply moved
intact on skids to the next nearby hole.

The model may be built as a totally new
installation or as a weathered rig that's been
around for a number of years. Or as a
combination of both,with a new tower flanked
by a weathered and worn tool house and draw
works shed. But that's just a matter of finishing.
In either case, the construction is the same.
The models footprint is 12 1/4 X 4 5/8 and
14 3/16 inches tall.
HO #A-7514
Stiff Leg Derrick
The prototype was inexpensive, easily set up
or moved, and adaptable to many uses. Lumbering operations and quarries used them
in large numbers,and some may still be found
alongside the spurs of branchline industries.
The functional simplicity of the derrick's design combined with the many cast fittings and prominent gear train assembly make this an unusually appealing model. And with only
minor modification, it is possible to power the
unit from under the table. The complete kit includes 36 clean, detailed castings,wood
beams, wire and cord - everything to build this simple, but unique model.

For realism, the derrick requires a minimum
clear working area of 4 inches by 7 inches.
HO #A-7519
Brownhoist Little Hook
The "Little Hook" could never be a star performer
in the dramas of railroading. It lacks the sleek
brilliance of smooth-skinned diesels, the deep-
crested strength of massive steam power. It misses the engineering grace of steel bridges and the excitement of busy stations. It isn't even
Picturesque. Yet for nearly half a century the "Little Hook" has been an indispensable
backstage worker in the railroad drama. Hiding behind warehouses,or pinched between team
tracks,the "Little Hook" has done a big job. Clattering and whirring, swinging back and forth, it has unloaded countless tons of everthing
from I-beams to brewery vats.

The Prototype was designed in 1915 by the Industrial Brownhoist Company of Bay City,Michigan and built for the Pere Marquette Railroad. Brownhoist bllueprints describe it as a 10-ton electric pillar crane. It is interesting to note that Brownhoist did not furnish the cab as standard equipment, and its design was left to the option of the individual railroads. As a result, nearly every crane operator has introduced his own modifications, and few "Little Hooks" will be found identical in appearance.
The models footprint is 1 1/4 X 6 1/2 inches.
HO #A-7622
NYC Freight Station
The prototype for this model was the
New York Central station at Caledonia,
Michigan.Its board-and-batten walls, broad
overhanging eaves and tall windows are typicl of
small town stations everywhere. Freight and
storage facilities occupy the rear portion of the
building, while the front half is divided into two
smaller rooms. One of these serves as the agent
and telegrapher's office, and the other as a
warehouse.This second room has previously
housed various businesses and agencies,
among them Caledonia's first store and the rural
post office.

Built in 1868 by the long defunct Grand Valley
Railroad, the Caledonia station has outlived the
era of the steam locomotive that gave it birth.

The footprint of this model is 8" wide, 5 1/2" deep, 3 1/4" tall.
HO #A-7631
PRR Flagstop
The prototype for this model was the
Pennsylvania station at Cedar Springs, Mich.
and was typical of most small-town station.
Built in the 1880's by the old Grand Rapids
and Indiana road, it incorporated a large
double waiting room to occomodate the
numerous tourists bound for the resorts
of northern Michigan. However,about 1935,
most of the waiting room was torn down
and the remainder converted into freight
and express space. The kit models the
1935 version of the station. This kit is a
wood structure with metal parts and takes a
space 7 1/16" wide, 5 3/16 deep, 4 1/4" tall.
HO #A-7750
Country School House
Laser cut wood,brass wire and white
metal castings.
7"long,4 3/16" wide,4 1/4" tall
HO #A-7900
Dolbeer Donkey Circa 1882
Laser cut wood,brass wire and white
metal castings.
footprint is 7" wide,4 1/4" deep and 4 3/16: tall
O #A-430
"O" Scale Lufkin Oil Pump
The rocking beam of the pumping unit has
become the universal symbol of oil, whether it
marks a single shallow well in the Midwest or the
great, deep fields of Texas and Oklahoma. Lufkin
has produced nearly 100,000 pumps for every
major oil field in the world. This model is one of
their conventional models which are
manufactured in a wide range of sizes. Nearly
everyone will recognize its typical configuration
with the tripod mounted rocking beam. Gear
reduction housing, twin cranks and rods
and massive counter weights. Power is usually
supplied by an internal combustion engine,
although some recent installations have
employed electric motors.
The model consists of soft metal castings in
exquisite detail. The completed Lufkin pump may
be placed almost anywhere on your layout, even
in the middle of town square.
Kit is non operational and is
2" wide, 7" long, 4.5" tall

 Caboose Awning ..
HO #A-2201
24" Caboose Awning 4/pkg
HO #A-2202
30" Caboose Awning 4/pkg

 Chimneys & Vents ..
HO #A-701
Exhaust Fans 4/pkg
HO #A-1701
Passenger Car Vent 4/pkg
HO #A-1901
Louvered Vent 4/pkg
HO #A-2701
Chimney - fancy
HO #A-2705
Chimney - brick
HO #A-2706
Chimney - block
HO #A-2799
N Scale Chimney 2/pkg

 Coach Seats ..
HO #A-3401
Coach Seat two seater 6/pkg
HO #A-3402
Coach Seat three seater 4/pkg
HO #A-3403
Coach Seat four seater 4/pkg

 Corbels - Roof Support ..
HO #A-1401
Ornate Roof Support 12/pkg
HO #A-1402
Roof Supports 12/pkg
HO #A-1403
Large Ornate Roof Support 4/pkg
HO #A-1404
Gable Roof Support 4/pkg

 Couplers ..
HO #A-6002
Link & Pin Coupler 2/pkg
HO #A-6003
Coupler Pocket screw mounting 2/pkg
HO #A-6004
Coupler Pocket pin mounting 2/pkg

 Doors ..
HO #A-1602
Door Ghost Town Freight
HO #A-2401
Door Freight
HO #A-2402
Door Freight
HO #A-2403
Entry Door & Window 3/pkg
HO #A-2404
Entry Door w/transom 4/pkg
HO #A-2405
Entry Door 4-panel 4/pkg
HO #A-2406
Double Entry Door 2/pkg
HO #A2407
Door Solid Panel 4/pkg
HO #A-2408
Door 3-panel 4/pkg
HO #A-2409
Door 2-window 4/pkg
HO #A-2410
Door 4-panel 4/pkg
HO #A-2411
Door w/4-pane window 4/pkg
N #A-2498
N Scale Door w2-pane window 4/pkg
N #A-2499
N Scale Freight Door 4/pkg

 Gears ..
HO #A-414
Large Gear 2/pkg
HO #A-415
Small Gear 2/pkg
HO #A-416
Pinion 2/pkg
HO #A-422
Gear small fine tooth 2/pkg
HO #A-423
Gear Large fine tooth 2/pkg

 Gingerbread ..
HO #A-1101
Gingerbread trim 10/pkg
HO #A-1102
Gingerbread trim 10/pkg
HO #A-1103
Gingerbread trim 10/pkg
HO #A-1104
Gingerbread trim 10/pkg
HO #A-1105
Gingerbread trim 10/pkg
HO #A-1106
Ridge trim 10/pkg
HO #A-2900
Lattice Material 6/pkg

 Hatch ..
HO #A-4000
Ice hatch narrow gauge 4/pkg
HO #A-4002
Hatch small 4/pkg

 Lamps ..
HO #A-1800
Outside Kerosene lamp 6/pkg

 Locomotive Details ..
HO #A-1301
Engineer's & Fireman's Seat
HO #A-2203
Diesel Awning 2/pkg

 Machine Tools ..
HO #A-2603
Lathe/tool makers
HO #A-2604
Modern Drill Press Floor Model
HO #A-2605
Pedestal Tool Grinder
HO #A-2606
Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine
HO #A-2607
Stamping Machine

 Mine Equipment ..
HO #A-2801
Latrine Car 2'gage
HO #A-2804
Straight 2'gauge mine track 4/pkg
HO #A-2805
Curved 2'gauge mine track 4/pkg
HO #A-2820
Jeffrey Mine Motor 2' gauge
HO #A-2821
Kanawha Mine Car 2' gauge
HO #A-9801
Calico Mine Car 18 inch gauge
HO #A-9803
Curved 18 inch gauge Mine Track 4/pkg
HO #A-9804
Mine Track Kick Switch 18 inch gauge 2/pkg
HO #A-9805
Timber Car 18 inch gauge
HO #A-9806
Straight 18 inch gauge mine track 4/pkg
HO #A-9808
Pick & Shovel 2ea.
HO #A-9809
Miner Mike
HO #A-9810
Prospector Pete

 Miscellaneous ..
HO #A-408
Valve 5/pkg
HO #A-409
Elbow 5/pkg
HO #A-410
Fire Extinguisher 5/pkg
HO #A-801
Electric Meter Box 2/pkg
HO #A-1603
Tombstones-Variety 12/pkg
HO #A-3201
Scale Counter 200# capacity 4/pkg
HO #A-3206
Light Pole Transformer 1/pkg
HO #A-3301
Man-hole Cover 10/pkg
HO #A-3901
Water Tank Spout
HO #A-3902
Spout Sand House
HO #A-3903
Telephone 3/pkg
HO #A-3904
HO #A-3905
Push Broom 3/pkg
N #A-3999
N Scale Water Tank Spout
N #A-891
N Scale Electric Meter Box 2/pkg

 Plug Doors ..
HO #A-301
Hi-cube plug door 2/pkg
HO #A-302
Youngstown plug door 2/pkg
HO #A-303
60' Auto parts plug door 2/pkg
HO #A-304
Superior plug door 2/pkg

 Porch Supports ..
HO #A-1501
Long Porch support 6/pkg
HO #A-1502
Short Porch support 6/pkg
HO #A-1503
Square Porch support 6/pkg

 Pulleys ..
HO #A-424
 $2.00 20" dia.
Large pulley 4/pkg
HO #A-425
 $2.00 17" dia.
Small pulley 4/pkg
HO #A-426
 $2.00 13"dia.
X-Small pulley 4/pkg

 Railings & Gates ..
HO #A-1601
Gosth Town Railing 6/pkg
HO #A-2301
Porch Railing 6/pkg
HO #A-2302
Porch Railing 6/pkg
HO #A-3000
Fence Gate 4/pkg

 Rolling Stock Details ..
HO #A-3801
Ladder 4-rung 4/pkg

 Roof Braces ..
HO #A-2001
Roof Brace Large 12/pkg
HO #A-2002
Roof Brace small 12/pkg

 Smoke Jacks & Vents ..
HO #A-901
Caboose Smoke Jack 4/pkg
HO #A-2702
Smoke Jack side mounting
HO #A-2703
Smoke Jack 4/pkg
HO #A-2704
Caboose Smoke Jack 4/pkg

 Stairs & Steps ..
HO #A-1201
Stair Riser 6/pkg
HO #A-1202
Open Stair Section
HO #A-1203
Short Stair Section
HO #A-1204
Medium Stair Section
HO #A-1205
Long Stair Section
HO #A-1207
Short Step 2/pkg

 Wayside Details ..
HO #A-1001
Order Board
HO #A-1002
Order Board
HO #A-3101
Ground Relay Box 2/pkg
HO #A-3102
Instrument Case
HO #A-3103
Signal Relay Structure
HO #A-3104
Relay Enclosure
HO #A-3105
Battery Box Double 2/pkg
HO #A-3106
Telephone Box 3/pkg
HO #A-3107
Power Switch Motor 6/pkg
HO #A-3108
Circuit Controller 10/pkg
HO #A-3109
Cable Junction Box 3/pkg
HO #A-3110
Vault Cover 3/pkg
HO #A-3111
Remote Signal Indicator 3/pkg
HO #A-3112
Electric Lock 3/pkg
HO #A-3113
Equipment base 6/pkg
HO #A-3114
Telephone Shelter wood
HO #A-3115
Telephone Shelter Conrcete
HO #A-9500
Railway mail crane
HO #A-9501
Hayes derail set
HO #A-9502S
C&O Small Relay Cabinet
HO #A-9502L
C&O Large Relay Cabinet
HO #A-9502D
C&O Double Relay Cabinet
HO #A-9511
Hayes bumper
HO #A-9515
ACI Car Counter
HO #A-3106
Telephone Box 3/pkg
HO #A-305
Yard Air Connection 3/pkg

 Windows ..
HO #A-2101
Ticket Window
HO #A-2501
Window dbl hung 2-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2502
Window dh small 2-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2503
Window dh vs 2-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2504
Window Large 2-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2505
Window Dbl 4-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2506
Window Dbl hung 8-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2507
French Window 4/pkg
HO #A-2508
Large Window 2/pkg
HO #A-2509
Large Window 2/pkg
HO #A-2510
Window Triple 4/pkg
HO #A-2511
Window 16-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2512
Window 12-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2513
Transom 4/pkg
HO #A-2514
Window 4-pane 4/pkg
HO #A-2515
Window single 4/pkg
HO #A-2516
Window Single for Interlocking tower 4/pkg
HO #A-2517
Window Double for Interlocking tower 4/pkg
HO #A-2518
Window Curio shop 2/pkg
HO #A-2520
Window Small Arched 4/pkg
HO #A-2521
Window Large Arched 4/pkg
HO #A-2522
Window 2-pane 4/pkg
n #A-2597
N Scale Transom 4/pkg
N #A-2598
N Scale Single Window 4/pkg
n #A-2599
N Scale Double Window 4/pkg

 Order Information
You may place an order by calling (269)944-5129 or mailing your order to:

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