Lufkin Oil Pump “O” Scale A-430




“O” Scale Lufkin Oil Pump
The rocking beam of the pumping unit has
become the universal symbol of oil, whether it
marks a single shallow well in the Midwest or the
great, deep fields of Texas and Oklahoma. Lufkin
has produced nearly 100,000 pumps for every
major oil field in the world. This model is one of
their conventional models which are
manufactured in a wide range of sizes. Nearly
everyone will recognize its typical configuration
with the tripod mounted rocking beam. Gear
reduction housing, twin cranks and rods
and massive counter weights. Power is usually
supplied by an internal combustion engine,
although some recent installations have
employed electric motors.
The model consists of soft metal castings in
exquisite detail. The completed Lufkin pump may
be placed almost anywhere on your layout, even
in the middle of town square.
Kit is non operational and is
2″ wide, 7″ long, 4.5″ tall