Oil Drilling Derrick HO A-7488




 This kit models a typical shallow field drilling rig
used in large numbers across the country in the
1930’s and 40’s. The welded steel towers, which
replaced the wooden ones of earlier days, were
cheap and easy to build, and were often left
standing on the spot when a well was completed.
Tool housed and draw works sheds, however,
were usuallly disassembled or simply moved
intact on skids to the next nearby hole.

The model may be built as a totally new
installation or as a weathered rig that’s been
around for a number of years. Or as a
combination of both,with a new tower flanked
by a weathered and worn tool house and draw
works shed. But that’s just a matter of finishing.
In either case, the construction is the same.
The models footprint is 12 1/4 X 4 5/8 and
14 3/16 inches tall.